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One source for all your promotional product, award recognition and corporate gifts.

10,000 + products available to you right now.


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Relco is proud to launch its new interactive website. Our product search gives access to our customers of more than 10,000 products.

Feb. 01 | by Relco Team will be integrating its US version for customers in the United States of America - Launch date: March 01, 2014

Feb. 12 | by Relco Team   


Relco adds live chat for quick response to our customers

Feb. 13 | by Relco Team will be integrating its spanish version for customers in Mexico and Central America - Launch date: March 15, 2014

Feb. 17 | by Relco Team   


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Why our clients keep coming back………..

Global Sourcing

Our sourcing department has the ability to search worldwide for existing and/or custom manufactured products. We offer cost effective pricing by determining the appropriate origin of manufacture. Our in house logistics manager will ensure that all imports meet with the standards and criteria of the importing country.

Quality Control & On-time Delivery

Our emphasis on detail to order processing and delivery schedules will ensure proper order specifications and on-time delivery.


Our strong interconnectivity of our sales and purchasing department ensures clear communication throughout the order process ensuring a successful outcome from time of order to final delivery.

Benefits of Using Promotional Products

Creating brand awareness through the advertising media of promotional products will connect the brand to its target customers. There is vast array of promotional products suitable to every market.

We welcome your challenge to prove our abilities and are confident that you will become another satisfied and repeat customer.

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